Comms Connect Conference, Melbourne

Codea well presented at Comms Connect Conference, Melbourne

Codea attended Australia’s premier communications event, Comms Connect Conference, held 20.-22.11. in Melbourne, Australia. Next-generation communications technologies and systems were there at the forefront of the presentations and discussions.

There also was Comms Connect’s first ever country pavilion, featuring a large contingent of delegates from Finland. Businesses and organisations represented among us included Bittium, Cloudstreet, Nokia, Business Finland, Dedicated Network Partners, Savox, Wirepas, Erillisverkot (State Security Network), Mentura Group, Roger-GPS, Bandercom, Beaconsim and Insta DefSec.

Finland has an enviable reputation for producing cutting-edge technologies and far-sighted communications solutions, so this was a great opportunity for us to tell about our products and services.