New Codea Care patient care reporting software

Codea Care is a electronic patient care reporting software (ePCR) for out-of-hospital emergency medical services (EMS).

Its structure and operating principles comply with the general structure and operating principle of medical records. The data content of EMS data is based on the American NEMSIS classification, which is a data content definition created for the needs of harmonising EMS data. The use of the Nemsis has reached global dimensions.

The user interface is designed to guide the treatment, suggesting actions for the proceedment. The logic is designed by doctors and paramedics, but it can be easily modified to meet customer’s needs. With Codea Care, paramedics can also consult doctors in real-time from the field.

Mission information (time stamps, mission codes) are automatically filled to the program through TETRA or IP-connection. Codea Care has integrations to defibrillators (Zoll, LifePak etc.). The application makes daily work easier, because patient history can be accessed with Codea Care. Codea Care also enables access to archives with special patient diagnosis made in the hospital.

Codea Care holds CE-marking for being manufactured according to ISO 13485 standard for manufacturing medical devices.