Codea Control is used in regional situation centres and field management vehicles. The programme monitors the status data of the units mobility and the progress of alarm missions in real time.

  • The duty officer in the situation centre sees all the units and active alert situations in the area.
  • The reachability area around each of the active alarm assignments is shown on the map to visualize nearest units.
  • The programme takes the road network of the reachability area into account in estimating the reachability time.
  • Contains tools for managing the units.
  • It is possible to send a text message to the unit handling the alarm assignment, to edit alarm information, and to send alarms to other units too.
  • The video camera button opens a real-time video from the unit´s video camera into a new window.
  • An oblique imagenary view of the alarm target is possible, if such a view is available in the area.
  • Street views can be shown.
  • Can also be used to easily create new assignments and to manage e.g. non-critical transfer of patients.


The combination of Codea Server and Codea Control enable the collection of data for reporting and analysis. These two programmes offer you a highly developed and provenly reliable solution for state-of-the-art field management.

Codea Control
Codea Control



The software for navigation and handling of daily emergency missions. The market leader and industry standard in Finland, and already in daily use by thousands of satisfied professionals, covering approximately 25,000 missions on monthly basis.

  • Saves time by automatizing the daily work and enhancing the user satisfaction.
  • Increases fleet management effectiveness and makes statistics possible.
  • Calculates automatically route to the incident site as well as the estimated time of arrival.
  • Location and status information can be relayed in real-time to other units
and to treatment locations.
  • Works efficiently in TETRA(and GSM/LTE) as well as in other networks and in mixed environment.
  • Can show any map material, commercial, customer’s own material or both.
  • Localization is effortless, languages, colours, icons and other features are easy to configure to fulfill local standards.
  • It is also possible to personalize every unit separately.



The efficient and user-friendly tool for making reports digitally.

  • Collects automatically the basic information on the task, the transportation codes, and the target destination.
  • Shows the unit status information and their time stamps.
  • Shows the patient’s personal information along with their previous treatment history and older diagnoses using their personal identification number.
  • The patient's vital signs are automatically transferred from the defibrillator to the report.
  • The report information can be transferred to the hospital system as a part of patient’s care history.


Codea’s electronic patient report makes reporting significantly faster and easier, which also reduces the risk of error. Based on the filled report the system is able to seamlessly handle also invoicing for the patient treatment and transportation. Codea’s electronic patient report system is used by numerous rescue departments and hospital districts throughout Finland


Fluent online reporting through a single application.

  • Work time reports
  • Mission quantity per unit
  • Mission quantities by alert code and transportation code
  • Missions by municipality
  • Quantity of transportation codes / x tasks
  • Utilisation rate of each unit
  • Institution / department transfers
  • Kilometres driven by unit


A real-time reporting programme for monitoring emergency care service levels.

Codea service level monitoring reports function interactively, as the desired map can be selected to show the service level for that part of the map in the chosen time period. The report can also be used to view the events on the screen for specific data and specific tasks.

Additionally, the report can create STM-compliant delays and quantities of realised service levels either from the entire region or from selected areas.

The software also supports importation of data from first-response units from the Pronto system.


Whole new, powerful application for managing emergency care and rescue units in major accident situation.

Codea Suro manages a major accident situation pictures and records up-to-date information on field events such as status of units, patient numbers, and capacity of care facilities at that moment.

The situation controller sees a broad overall picture and can quickly add new tasks with the application’s versatile messaging capabilities. If needed, external resources can also be connected with the application.

Patient information and the triage rating are downloaded to the application at the accident site, and the data is transmitted to the patient through a bar-coded bracelet that can be read on mobile devices in the emergency room or rescue unit at all stages of the mission.

The Codea Suro application works with both a TCP/IP connection and through TETRA network of the Finnish communications authorities. As far as possible, operations carried out with the application are sent to the server using both communication tools. If an operation is carried out on the application when the communication connections have been cut off or are otherwise unavailable, the application uses its own local message queue where the operations are recorded and from which the software will transmit them to the server as soon as the connections are restored.

Our first customers can adopt the Codea Suro application with the latest updates to the Codea Nasta software.